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Introducing neonious one

The reference board for low.js Professional

A microcontroller board, programmable and debuggable out of the box in an on-board web-based IDE, combining JavaScript ES 6 and the Node.JS API with Internet directly on the board via WiFi or Ethernet and with all the other interfaces a microcontroller board usually provides.

At one glance:

On-board web-based IDE with full-featured debugger gives you the best programming experience possible.
Programmable in JavaScript ES 6+ with Node.JS API support. Enough resources to run sophisticated npm software libraries.
IDE also features a graphical package manager for npm, allowing you to tap into the largest software registry in the world.
Only few secs boot time (no Linux), fast byte code execution. Energy-efficient CPU. Low energy usage.
27 I/O pins, 11 of these pins usable as ADC (provided by accurate LPC822, not ESP32), 2 pins are 20 mA 5 V-tolerant open drain pins, 2 pins usable as touch sensor. 23 pins can be used freely for SPI, I2C or UART!
58 mm x 27 mm (2.28 inch x 1.06 inch), tightest posible design with chips mounted on top and bottom. Breadboard compatible!
150-Mbit WiFi (2,4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n) and 10/100-Mbit Ethernet
240 Mhz, 4 MB RAM, 4 MB Flash dedicated to your application, with all files being compressed on the fly. System + IDE use separate dedicated CPU core, RAM and Flash.

Ready, set, go!

Attach power supply. A USB cable or any power source with 3.3 V or 4.5 to 50 V works
Connect to the WiFi access point "neonious one" (default password on sticker) or connect network cable
Point browser to and log in to enter the IDE
Enter your JavaScript code into the index.js file, upload static files, add external modules, all from the IDE
Click "Run" and / or enable auto-run on power-up for long-term fun!

Web Server As A Starting Point For IoT Project

... in only 5 minutes! Just enter the following code into your index.js file

import * as http from 'http'; import * as fs from 'fs'; http.createServer((req, res) => { fs.readFile('/www/' + (req.url == '/' ? 'index.html' : req.url), (err, data) => { if (err) { res.end('fs.readFile error: ' + err); } else { let contentType; if (req.url.substr(-4) == '.png') contentType = 'image/png'; // add more as required... else contentType = 'text/html'; res.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Type': contentType }); res.end(data); } }); }).listen(80);
(scroll/swipe text to view whole code)

You now have your web server serving your static pages up and running!

How To Continue From Here:
Allowing your website to control motors or output sensor data is now only a matter of a few additional lines of code.
Allowing neonious one to serve gigabytes of static data is now only a matter of connecting a $ 2 SD card breakout board and an SD card to your neonious one, and adding two additional lines of code.


Develop from any PC, with all amenities you are used to from great development software!
Full debugger including breakpoints, step through program, show and edit variables and more...
Full code editor with syntax highlighting, auto completion, and more...
Full file manager...
Shows syntax errors in realtime...
CPU, RAM, flash statistic graphs...
Graphical package manager for npm repository...

Connecting To Sensors, Motors And Other Electronics

We give you many pins to connect your electronics, and thanks to the LPC822 switch matrix, you can choose the pins quite freely.


Write large projects with scale


neonious one provides the Node.JS API which brings its event-driven, non blocking I/O model to the embedded world. You can now write large embedded projects without having to think about realtime operating systems, synchronisation issues and deadlocks.


Use ES 6 modules, let, async/await, classes, typed array, you name it. ES 6 features are supported seamlesssly.


neonious one allows you to install modules from the largest software library in the world, the npm repository. For this the IDE also has an on-board graphical package manager. Just type in the package name, press install and then use it in your code via require() or import


Well, thank you! Buy the neonious one in our store now!


Well, thank you! Buy the neonious one in our store now!


neonious GmbH
Münsterstr. 246
40470 Düsseldorf
Managing Director / CEO
Thomas Rogg
TEL+49 211 9241 8187
FAX+49 211 9241 8172