low.js Downloads

The versions for PCs are provided so developments can be tested on the PC without having to transfer them to the microcontroller first. Use low --transpile to test with on-the-fly transpilation, so your tests can be written with JavaScript ES 6 (for the microcontroller transpilation is done by lowsync or the neonious IDE during sync).

The versions for PCs are also a good replacement for Node.JS in environments where memory or disk space is scarce or scripts shall start fast. In this case you will not want the slow on-the-fly transpilation and will want to write your programs in JavaScript ES 5.1 only. In this case, you also may delete lib/babel.low to save another 3 MB of disk space.

To check if your version of low.js is up to date, call low --version

Platform Architecture Version File Size
Linux x86/x64 32 bit (i686) 20210228_3479cc62.99 MBDownload
Linux x86/x64 64 bit 20210228_3479cc62.90 MBDownload
Linux ARM 32 bit (ARMv6/v7) 20210228_3479cc62.76 MBDownload
Linux ARM 64 bit (ARMv8) 20210228_3479cc62.87 MBDownload
macOS x86/x64 64 bit 20210228_3479cc62.05 MBDownload
ESP32-WROVER To flash/install on ESP32-WROVERs, use our flashing tool lowsync, which is available via npm. See Getting Started for more details.

Other downloads

You can find the source code of low.js in our GitHub repository. Please read the included file README.md for instructions for compiling from source.