low.js | Node.js for microcontrollers

low.js is a open sourced port of the JavaScript runtime Node.js with far lower system requirements, allowing it to run on cheap, power-efficient microcontroller boards based on the ESP32-WROVER module.

With low.js you can build scalable Internet-native electronics applications (IoT) easily and fast.

low.js Basic

Free for hobby and commercial use

low.js Professional

$ 25 per board, volume licenses starting at $ 1

  • Node.JS API, JavaScript ES 6
  • Internet aware applications
  • Scalable, asyncronous programming
  • npm modules: Tap into the largest software library in the world
  • Custom firmware support for bulk flashing of apps
  • On-board web-based IDE with full featured debugger for rapid prototyping
  • Add C/C++ low-level code with low.js native API
  • Over-The-Air Updating of low.js and custom firmware

I want to flash low.js and try it out! Where should I start?

The fastest way to get educated about how to use low.js is to take a look at the tutorials.

Node.js is a trademark of Joyent, Inc. (https://www.nodejs.org/).
ESP32 and ESP32-WROVER are products by Espressif Systems (https://www.espressif.com/).