Neonious ONE store status

  • Hi,
    i have noticed that the store is closed? No more production of the board? Any public available planning about board and low.js development?

    My question is to understand if project will continue in future or not.

    Thank you.

  • I want it to have a future, that is why everything is still open.

    With exception of the store 🙂
    And currently updates.

    Reason is, I am just missing the time right now as I am running another startup next to my normal work with currently is more important (actually reused company name

    I also do still have 300 neonious ones of the current build order available, just do not have the time to flash them before sending them out. That is why the store is closed for now.

    Two things can happen:

    Maybe somebody else will want to take over. Just need to find someone who has interest, and will not break the project. And, of course I do ask for a fair amount of money, nothing ridiculous, but must be 5-6 digits, for the keys. Maybe somebody sees commercial potential and is willing to do so.

    Things get more relaxed and I find time to work on this project more.

    We will see.

  • Good news: After receiving feedback from multiple parties, I have at least decided:

    • Store is back open for and low.js Professional. Have to ask for higher prices however, as otherwise I currently can't afford the work flashing the devices.

    • I have decided to fix the open bugs till Mid August and deliver an update.

    Still time is scarce, but the project is important to me.

  • This is awesome news! Here's to more good news soon 🙂

  • Very good news. Thank you for your time.

  • Good news indeed.

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