Native C/C++ module support for low.js, Node.JS on microcontrollers, + low.js community forum!

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What’s this about?

low.js is a port of Node.JS for (ESP32 based) microcontrollers. With low.js we are bringing ease of programming, scalability of programs and easy connectability to the Internet on to small devices.

The ESP32-CAM is an example of an interesting sub $10 board which supports low.js!
(we do not natively support the camera yet, but we might be working on it…!)

New low.js native API

With this post, we are proudly announcing the new low.js native API! You can write native C/C++ modules with the low.js native API which can be called from JavaScript code, all on the ESP32 microcontroller.

With this, you can use the plus sides of Node.JS such as the easy programming and interfacing of Internet clients and servers, and write the core of your program’s calculations in fast, native code.

The native module can even do those calculations asynchronly in a worker thread, keeping the JavaScript code responsive.

You can interface most existing C/C++ libraries.

And last, you can even set the native module as the program entry point, write your program in C/C++ and call your own JavaScript or the JavaScript low.js libraries for sub tasks.

Extensive documentation can be found on the low.js website. An example project with the low native API can be found in the low_native_api GitHub repository.

New low.js forum

We have dozens of requests for a low.js forum. Now we finally put one online!

In the neonious + low.js forum you can ask general questions, write bug reports or feedback requests and ask for help with your own project.

The forum is new and thus not used yet. So, feel free to do first steps with low.js (try out the examples) and then give feedback on your experience in the forum! See you there!