Cancelling the IoT Electronics Kit in favor of a bright future for low.js

The important message right away:

We finally decided to cancel the IoT Electronics Kit and refund all pre-orders via PayPal +5 % as a small compensation. If you pre-ordered via Kickstarter, please send your PayPal address to and we will refund right away.

Also, if you still would like to try out the neonious one, we can offer you the neonious one for only 25 USD (+ 7 USD shipping + VAT if you are in EU). If you would like to get one for this discounted price, just tell us this together with the refund request.

low.js and the neonious one form the basis for our thriving business based on industrial automation clients. Thanks to this, we will continue to be able to provide a great platform for hobbyists.

Let me explain the reasons behind this decision:

About 12 months ago we started our adventure with the Kickstarter. We offered people the neonious one, a microcontroller board which runs JavaScript, supports the full Node.JS API and is easily programmable in an on-board IDE which also features a full debugger. On top of this we offered the IoT Electronics Kit.

We targeted hobbyists and hoped that people liked what we built so we could sell enough boards and kits to build a business. Not because we wanted to earn big money, but simply because we could only afford to spend the massive amounts of time we needed for the project with compensation.

low.js and neonious one found its supporters. Many hobbyists use the technology to build great things. However, compared to the time spent the money we earned stayed low.

This is especially true for the IoT Electronics Kit.

We wrote down around 70 pages on everything you need to know about electronic circuits, microcontrollers, their peripherials and how to connect to many ready-to-use modules. However, to really build a great manual, we would have to rework it several times. Next, we would still have to source all the modules, and bundle it all together to a great package.

All together, with Kickstarter and the preorders through our website, we only got around 5.000 € of pre-orders for the kit.

First we did not want to cancel the kit, but we still had to put the project on hold for a while to earn some additional money. We have learned that several companies that have purchased the neonious one for testing wanted to use it in industrial automation projects. We reached out to them and quickly got contracts to help them get their project done.

In the last two months we earned more with these handful industrial automation clients than with what we made with hobbyists in the last year. We built custom boards for CAN, RS 232 and industrial GPIO, we built custom modules and trained people in programming the neonious one in workshops.

These contracts are also the reason why we are currently improving low.js/neonious one fast (see change log).

At the end, thanks to this experience, we decided to cancel the kit and rather spend the time on helping more companies use low.js and the neonious one (or custom boards based on the neonious one). This will allow us to continue improve low.js and neonious one and also provide these improvements to hobbyists, and hopefully in the end everybody will be happy.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Thank you,

Thomas, for the neonious team

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